Fine art flamingo

I finally managed to go to the zoo again, unfortunately I was too busy in the last months to visit one... But now I found time to go and see all the fantastic animals again! I totally fell in love with the flamingos and I shot a couple of pictures that could be edited into fine art b&w photos. I love the contrast between the white feathers and the black background... What do you think?

My latest trip to Northern Ireland

A couple of weeks ago I walked the Causeway Coast Way in Northern Ireland - one of the best experiences in my life! I shot over 4000 pictures in four days so it will take some more days to sort them out and edit, but here are some shots to give you a first impression of how amazing my days were! 

So in love with Irish birds

When I was living in Ireland I rediscovered my love for nature and landscape photography. I never had the right equipment to focus on bird photography as it's a very complex and difficult field of photography. But of course I couldn't resist to take a few snaps when I happened to see a bird along the way. So here are six of my own favourite photographs of Irish birds, a couple of them I might have already shared here on the blog. Enjoy!

My first experiments with macro photography

I never felt too enthusiastic about macro photography. I always liked the photos though, the detailed close-ups of insects and flowers. So I decided to give it a try and learn a bit more about this fascinating field of photography.

Some days ago I purchuased my first macro lens ever: the TAMRON 90mm F2.8 (1:1). I used the nice spring weather and took my first snaps - it was amazing! I will definitely give it a couple of more tries - summer is coming and brings a lot more flowers, insects and little things left to discover. 

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Glenariff Forest Park

The Glenariff Forest Park, County Antrim in Northern Ireland, is a special place that offers several hiking paths... 

The unique Waterfall Walkway provides three waterfalls while the other forest trails come alon with panoramic landscapes and peaceful riverside walks.

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Low-Key: lion and orang-utan

My low-key animal portraits are ususally the ones I personally like the best. The texture, the lightning, the intensity of the gaze... everything mixed together. I continue this series with two new shots made in Dublin Zoo: a lion and an orang-utan.

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Dark Hedges

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Rosses Point, Sligo

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Aran Islands: Inis Mór

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Winter minimalism

Sometimes walking through the snow and cold offers unexpected photographic opportunities. And sometimes the small things in life are the most important.

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Carton House Maynooth

Connemara II


Driving through Connemara means seeing Ireland at its best. The rough Atlantic, countless lakes, high mountains, sheep and cows and donkeys. Definitely a place to go all year!


I am lucky enough to live with one of the cutest cats in the world. She is a happy indoor cat but gets excited about the outside world sometimes and huddles up on the sunny windowsill. Perfect lighting conditions for some shots.

Film is not dead! A 35 mm SLR project

The first time ever I've done a photo project with a 35mm single lens reflex camera. Using an Ilford XP2 black-and-white film I finally finished my "Identity Project". I hope you like it! More pics are about to come.

County Donegal

The County Donegal is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland I have visited so far. The wild Atlantic, wonderful forests, breathtaking cliffs. 

Great Sugar Loaf


Being one of Ireland's most beautiful tourist attraction Glendalough is always worth a visit. 

The "valley of the two lakes" is located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park and famous for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.  


Along the Coast from Bray to Greystone

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